What is HSDP?

Philips HealthSuite digital platform provides key components to enable the development of Cloud-based consumer and healthcare solutions. It removes the burden of risk, cost, and resources so you can focus on developing and ensuring compliance of your value-added solutions.

Privacy, security, and regulatory compliance

Information Security Management System, privacy, security and regulatory controls and operational security to ensure that the Cloud infrastructure and platform as a service offering are compliant with appropriate privacy, security and regulatory requirements.

  • Privacy, security and regulatory controls
  • Operational security; and security and penetration testing
  • Internal and external audits of compliance with privacy, security and regulatory controls to assure continuous improvement
  • Security and Privacy incident management and specialized security services, including Enforced Security Logging and containerization
  • An extensive set of external compliance certifications and attestations to provide objective evidence of compliance to security and privacy regulations such as ISO 27001/18, SOC2, and HITRUST
  • HSDP has implemented an Information Security Management system to ensure that services provided by HSDP are fully compliant with current level of certification
  • HSDP has a quality management system to ensure that it meets regulatory requirements. HSDP limits its regulatory compliance to being the Medical Device Data System (MDDS).
  • HSDP works with you to inform you where your application owns compliance and to outline the steps required to ensure end-to-end compliance.

Orchestrated Cloud Infrastructure and platform as a service

Managed Cloud infrastructure and specialized platform services in regulatory compliant environment to address the needs of healthcare and consumer solution development.

  • Customized, orchestrated platform services with APIs to address the needs of healthcare and consumer solution development
  • Orchestration capabilities so dependent services work together seamlessly with HSDP identity and access management
  • Containerization of applications
  • HSDP’s Cloud foundry application hosting/build environment: A well-supported, Cloud Foundry environment for Cloud native development that meets regulatory requirements to support you in rapidly developing and testing applications.
  • Self-service model


APIs that enable developers to consume underlying orchestrated services.

  • Abstraction layer on the Cloud infrastructure and foundation Cloud services that enables developers to consume the underlying services
  • HSDP uses APIs, industry standards, such as OAUTH2, and healthcare standards, such as HL7 and FHIR, to reduce your development effort.

Full Operations support from HSDP

24/ 7, 365 days a year support to configure, maintain, monitor and ensure operational availability of HSDP and the solution you are hosting on HSDP

  • Vendor management
  • Configuration and maintenance of orchestrated, containerized, healthcare compliant infrastructure
  • 24/7 support to enable operational availability of orchestrated, containerized, healthcare compliant infrastructure
  • Incident Management that complies with Philips standards
  • Continuous monitoring of the performance and availability of the platform, including Cloud infrastructure, custom services, application
  • Maintenance of HSDP infrastructure and software within expected service level commitments (SLAs)

HSDP Cloud expertise

Expert support for your Cloud development

  • Technical and business documentation and code samples on the Client Experience Portal
  • Cloud development expertise to support developers in designing interoperable, secure, Cloud-based microservice architectures
  • Curated and moderated Slack channels for topical questions and knowledge sharing by the HSDP ecosystem community.