Value of HSDP

Security, Speed, Simplicity, Savings

Competition in the consumer and health technology space is fierce and we have a lot to do, not only in the ways we bring innovation to our customers. We must also continue to enhance the way we operate by enabling fast, agile, quality-focused global teams.

Philips businesses and our partners recognize the need to operate in the Cloud and its importance to future business strategy. Philips HealthSuite digital platform is your secure partner for fast, successful, expert entry to the Cloud. It has been developed to offer four key benefits: Security, Speed, Simplicity, Savings. These benefits help you overcome the countless problems encountered by organizations that are new to Cloud development.

1. Security

HSDP reduces the significant risks of financial impact and loss of credibility due to privacy and security breaches.

You cannot afford a data breach. Any loss of your customers’ sensitive data will result in significant financial impact and loss of credibility for your business. Unfortunately, Cloud infrastructure vendors only provide compliance for the core infrastructure, leaving you to take responsibility for the compliance and operations of the platform and application layers.

HSDP uses a shared security responsibility model. HSDP is responsible for protecting the integrity and compliance of the platform and maintaining the software defined infrastructure, capabilities and services of the platform to the expected service level commitments. You are responsible for the compliance of your application and the data you collect and use within it. HSDP also consults with you to provide guidance on where your application owns compliance and to outline the steps required to ensure end-to-end compliance.

HSDP safeguards health and other sensitive data in the Cloud through an established Information Security Management System; specific security services within HSDP; external audits and penetration testing; privacy, security and regulatory controls; and operational security. HSDP also maintains an extensive set of external compliance certifications and attestations to provide objective evidence of compliance to security and privacy regulations such as ISO 27001/18, SOC2, and HITRUST.

2. Speed

HSDP decreases your time to market. It offers ready-to-use Cloud services, tools and resources to accelerate your development of connected consumer and healthcare solutions.

HSDP speeds your development time and your transition to the Cloud, whether you have existing legacy products that you want to move to the Cloud or want to develop native Cloud applications, or both.

HSDP gives you services, technical tools and resources optimized for the co-creation and rapid development and deployment of connected consumer and healthcare applications. HSDP provides a curated marketplace of foundation Cloud services, such as databases and queues. In addition, it offers specialized services to support the breadth of solutions that Philips and our partners are developing. In addition, HSDP also offers a well-supported, Cloud Foundry environment to support you in rapidly developing, testing and deploying applications to the Cloud.

3. Simplicity

HSDP reduces the complexity of building and managing your own healthcare compliant, orchestrated, secure, Cloud infrastructure and platform.

The configuration and maintenance of an orchestrated, containerized, healthcare compliant Cloud infrastructure is a complex and massive undertaking. We created HSDP to provide a shared expertise and full-managed Cloud-based infrastructure and Platform as a Service to eliminate the burden of you having to develop and maintain it yourself.

HSDP operational support solves the challenges stemming from the complexity of configuring, securing and managing a Cloud infrastructure and the problems that can arise from errors in doing so. Moving to the Cloud is our shared goal at Philips.

4. Savings

HSDP reduces your total cost of ownership. It saves you the cost of hardware and software, compliance, and staff by providing a shared, managed Cloud infrastructure and platform.

Building, maintaining and monitoring a regulatory compliant Cloud platform is expensive – there are time commitments and costs associated with the hardware and software infrastructure; achieving and maintaining compliance with privacy, security and regulatory requirements; and staff with relevant Cloud expertise. Using HSDP reduces those costs. HSDP is designed so that you have the flexibility to use only the services you require and pay for only what you absolutely need.

In addition, having Philips business and partners use a shared resource is cheaper than the combined cost of each business incurring the cost of developing, configuring, maintaining and monitoring a secure, regulatory compliant Cloud platform.